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Top 9 Rare Pics of Sal Khan (Khan Academy) With His Wife

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Looking for rare pics of Sal Khan (Khan Academy) with his wife? Well, check out the pictures below of Sal Khan and his family!

Sal Khan (Khan Academy) With His Wife

Sal Khan is a US-based educationist and businessman who was born on 11th October 1976 and is currently 45 years old. He is the founder of the Khan Academy, which was started in 2006. 

Sal Khan was born and raised in Metairie, Louisiana belonging to a Bangladeshi Muslim family. 

Khan is a graduate of the University of Harward Busines school with degrees in mathematics and electrical engineering/computer science. He also took an uper-level mathematics course in the University of New Orleans and later went to Massecuettes Institute of Technology for his MBA program. 

Sal Khan- The Founder of Khan Academy

Sal Khan is the founder of Khan Academy, which is an educational non-profit organization with a stated mission of providing free world-class education for anyone anywhere. He is a former hedge fund analyst, who left that position to focus on creating free online educational content for anyone to use or share. He was awarded the MacArthur Fellowship, in recognition of his work.

 The academy of Khan has been honored by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for all the work it has done for education. He also opened Khan Lab School in Mountain View, California for laboratory education. 

Khan Academy’s YouTube Channel

He also runs a YouTube channel where he uploads free videos of free educational lessons based on various subjects. Khan has about 7.02 million subscribers and more than 1.9 billion views on his YouTube. His current net worth is estimated at $260 million. 

Sal Khan and his Wife Umaima

He married Umaima Marvi who is a medical graduate from Harvard since 2004. They have two kids together, one girl and a boy named Diya and Imran respectively.  

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Let’s move on to some of the most exclusive pictures of Sal Khan with his wife and children, below.


sal khan and family


sal khan


sal khan with his wife umaima


sal khan educationist


sal khan khan academy wife


sal khan khan academy


sal khan khan academy family pics


sal khan youtube channel


sal khan wife pics

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