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Top 10 Rare Pics Of Peter Attia With His Wife And Children

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Looking for the rare pics of Peter Attia with his wife and children? Check out here the pics of Peter Attia and his family, below. 

Peter Attia with his Wife and Children

Peter Attia is a physician and nutritional scientist. He did a residency in emergency medicine and a fellowship in trauma/critical care at Stanford University Hospital. Attia was born on 19 March 1973 and is currently 49 years old. 

Attia has Egyptian ancestral roots but he grew up in Canada and attended Queen’s University to receive his bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and mechanical engineering. 

Peter Attia’s Career

After 10 years of clinical practice, he shifted his focus to nutrition, studying cellular and molecular physiology at the University of Toronto. He trained doctors and health coach students to help implement this science in clinical practice, and currently doing research on topics related to nutrition, obesity, and diabetes. 

Peter is the founder of Attia Medical, PC, where he works with a team of doctors and coaches to harness the power of nutrition and improve the lives of patients with chronic diseases. 

He is co-author of the #1 book on Amazon on the subject of nutrition and weight loss and is regularly invited to lecture about his work to audiences ranging from executives to professional athletes. 

His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, CNBC, NPR, and The Huffington Post.

Attia and his Family

Peter Attia is married to Jill Attia and together they have 3 kids together. Their eldest daughter’s name is Olivia Attia and has two sons after her. Peter shared a tragic story on Instagram where he shared how his one-month-old son suffered a heart attack when Jill, his wife gave the little one CPR that saved him.

However, now his entire family is healthy and happy. Let’s check out their pictures below.


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Peter Attia with his Wife and Children


peter attia and jill attia


peter attia family


attia physician


physician peter attia


peter career


attia children


canadian attia physician


peter attia and his wife jill attia


peter and jill attia

Hope you had fun seeing these pics of Peter Attia with his wife and children.