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Top 8 Rare Pics Of Levy Rozman With His Girlfriend

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Want to see some of the rare pics of Levy Rozman with his girlfriend? Well, check out here the top pictures of Levy Rozman and his girlfriend Lucy below. 

Levy Rozman with his Girlfriend

Levy Rozman is a chess International Master who was born on December 5th, 1995. This 27-year-old chess genius has been raised and lived in New York as well as New Jersey as he grew up and was born in Brooklyn. 

Levy Rozman’s Childhood

Rozman began playing chess at the age of 6 as a part of nonscholastic activity when he was in school. He participated in his first-ever chess tournament at 7 after a year of practicing the game regularly. 

The US Chess Federation announced Levy Rozman as the National Master in 2011. He later won the FIDE Master in 2016 and finally, the International Master title in 2018. In between these years, Levy Rozman started coaching school students for chess in 2014. 

Rozman’s Online Career

Levy Rozman is known as GothamChess online. He runs a YouTube channel with the same name where he posts videos of openings, strategy, rating climb, tactics guides, and recaps of big tournaments, all related to chess.

His YouTube channel has 1.43 million subscribers and 355 million+ views, the highest subscribed chess channel. Levy also has an alternate called Gotham City on his YouTube where he posts podcasts of chess. 

He is also a live streamer on Twitch and partners regularly with since 2017. Not only that, but Levy Rozman is also a commentator for PongsChamp snd the 2020 Candidates Tournament. 

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He gained a lot of popularity due to his Queen’s Gambit video where he discusses how to play the game. Rozman was defeated once by Dewa_Kipas, an Indonesian but later it was found out that he was cheating. The account of the Indonesian player was banned after complaining to

Levy Rozman’s Girlfriend Lucy

Levy Rozman is currently dating his girlfriend Lucy for a couple of years now. They got married in December 2021 as both of them took to Instagram to announce their big day’s news. Her Instagram handle goes by the name Lucilleovich. 

Let’s check out some of the rare pics of Levy Rozman and his girlfriend, below.


levy rozman chess player


levy rozman married to lucy


levy rozman with his girlfriend


rozman and chess


rozman girlfriend lucy


rozman internation master
levy gotham city chess


levy rozman gotham city


levy and lucy chess player

Hope you had fun looking at these pics of Levy Rozman and his girlfriend Lucy.

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