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Top 10 Pictures of Dave Palumbo’s Wife When She Was A Bodybuilder

Check out here some of the exclusive pictures of Dave Palumbo’s wife when she was a bodybuilder. 

Dave Palumbo is a famous retired bodybuilder from the USA who gained popularity by coaching several individuals for NPC and IFBB bodybuilding, figure competitions, etc. He was born on 17th February 1968 and is currently 53 years old. His current net worth is $1.5 million.

Palumbo married Amanda who was also a former IFBB pro bodybuilder but unfortunately, her career came on hold after she had her first child. 

Dave and Amanda tied their knot in December 2014 and have been running three businesses related to muscle building, body and nutritional coaching together. They founded Species Nutrition and soon after. This was for helping individuals build a muscular body and preparing them for bodybuilding championships. also has a youtube channel with 287k subscribers and more than 7000 videos on different topics related to bodybuilding, transformation, and a lot of other topics. He also makes short videos on Instagram to make aware his audience of the benefits and usage of different nutritional products. 

Dave Palumbo’s Wife and Kids

Dave Palumbo along with his wife, Amanda Palumbo has been featured in various magazines including Forbes. He has a few controversies regarding the use of steroids like human growth hormone.  

Amanda and Dave have three children, one boy and two girls named Logan, Aria, and Shyla. Logan is the eldest and Shyla is the youngest. 

They’re currently settled in Orlando. Dave has taken part in more than 25+ bodybuilding competitions throughout his life. Dave has 107k followers on his Instagram. However, his wife, Amanda isn’t very popular on social media and only has about 5000+ followers. 

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Dave was a long-distance runner before leaning towards bodybuilding. He began lifting from the age of 22 and was ready for a national competition, just in about 6 months. He is not only a bodybuilder but also a S.M.A.R.T personal trainer for personality development. 

Dave and Amanda Palumbo are also python breeders. They run a small boutique called Palumbo’s Pythons & Boas where they breed designer ball python, boa constrictor, and carpet python morphs. 

A very interesting fact related to Palumbo is that there’s a rare condition called Palumboism that’s caused due to rigorous body training along with the use of insulin, use of human growth hormone, and a high-calorie diet. In this condition, the bodybuilder’s stomach is disproportionate to their chest and is round, extended, and oversized.

Moving further, let’s check out some of the rare pictures of David Palumbo’s wife when she was a bodybuilder.

dave palumbo's wife


dave palumbo's wife body builder


dave palumbo bodybuilder


dave palumbo's wife amanda palumbo


dave palumbo family


amanda palumbo


dave palumbo' and amenda palumbo pics


pictures of dave palumbo's wife


dave palumbo children


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