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Top 10 Pictures of Brittany Bayln With Her Ex-Husband

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Here are some of the most exclusive pictures of Brittany Bayln with his ex-husband Cody Blue

Brittany Bayln is a YouTuber and a vlogger who started her YouTube channel in 2007. Her Instagram followers are about 152k. Bayln’s videos usually dealt with skincare, makeup, and fitness until very recently. Her ex-husband, Cody Blue and she had a baby named arrow who is now more than a year old. 

Brittany Bayln documented her entire pregnancy journey starting from the announcement, what she goes through, postpartum, nursing, body after breastfeeding, and a lot more. She gained great popularity because of the same and now has more than 62 million views on her YouTube channel. 

Brittany Bayln got engaged to Cody Blue who is also a YouTube vlogger and cinematographer famous for his “How To”, travel and fashion shoot videos on his YouTube Channel. Blue has 25k+ subscribers on his channel with 1+ million views. His Instagram account has 28k followers. 

Brittary took to her YouTube channel and announced that Cody Blue and her are separated a year back. It wasn’t clear why the two of them broke up however, Bailyn said that they’ve agreed to co-parent their daughter Arrow together. 

Through Brittany’s Instagram, we can see that the two have been reuniting and celebrating special occasions like Halloween, Christmas etc. with their daughter. Check out the pictures of Brittany Bayln with husband Cody Blue and their baby girl Arrow.


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brittany bayln and cody blue child


brittany bayln and cody blue youtuber


brittany bayln's husband cody blue


brittany bayln and cody blue


brittany bayln seperated with husband


brittany bayln's husband cody


brittany bayln husband pictures


brittany and cody


brittany bayln vlogger


brittany bayln youtuber

Hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures of Brittany Bayln and her ex-husband Cody Blue.