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Top 9 Pics of Mariana van Zeller With Her Husband And Son

Looking for some of the most exclusive pics of Mariana van Zeller with her husband and son? Well, check out here to find some of the recent pictures of Mariana van Zeller and her family. 

Mariana van Zeller is a Portuguese journalist who has won Peabody Awards. She is also a National Geographic Channel correspondent and chief correspondent for fusion. Zeller has also been a correspondent to Vanguard. It’s a show that brings forth global issues of social significance to the audience on Current TV. 

Born on 7th May 1976 in Cascais, Portugal, Mariana is now 45 years old. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from  Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa and further went on to study her master’s in Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. 

According to Zeller, she was rejected thrice from Columbia University so she decided to fly down to NYC and pitched her passion to the dean. The dean was taken aback by Mariana Van Zeller’s enthusiasm and passion and allowed her to enroll. 

After her master’s, Mariana went to Damascus University to learn Arabic in the hope to understand and cover news from the Middle East. Post which she flew to London and appeared in several news channels like Channel 4, Frontline/World, CBC etc. 

Mariana Van Zeller’s Husband Darren Foster

She is married to her Columbian classmate and the love of her life, Darren Foster. Darren works with National Geographic Channel and is a series producer and director. They have a son together named Vasco who is now 12 years old. 

 Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller is a documentary series that they produced and directed together which also stars Antony Huges. Trafficked is about the dark and dangerous side of the global underworld like informal markets, smuggling etc. The series was premiered in 2020 on National Geographic Channel. 

Darren Foster, husband of Zeller has won Emmy and Peabody awards. He co-founded Muck Media which operates in Lisbon and Los Angeles. Mariana Van Zeller has about 83k+ followers on her Instagram account. Darren Foster has only 2000+ followers and doesn’t seem to be so well-renowned. 

Let’s check out some of the rare pics of Mariana Van Zeller with her husband and son. 

mariana zeller and darren foster


mariana van zeller's son vasco


darren foster husband of marriana


mariana zeller's family


darren foster family


mariana van zeller


mariana van zeller husband


mariana van zeller with darren foster and vasco


pics of mariana van zeller with her husband and son

Hope you had fun looking at these pics of Mariana van Zeller with her husband and son, Vasco.