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Top 7 Pics of Dr. Muneeb Shah And His Wife

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Looking for the pictures of the famous Internet Dermatologist, Dr. Muneeb Shah, and his wife? Check out some of the most exclusive pictures of Dr. Muneeb Shah and his wife

Dr. Muneeb Shah is one of the most renowned internet personalities and also a dermatologist. He is known for his videos of accurate and up-to-date skin care, dermatology tips, and related information with full transparency. 

Dr. Muneeb was born in Rochester, New York on 24th June 1988. He has South Asian roots but is a citizen of America. Dr. Shah has a family of 12+ views on TikTok where he is famous by the name DermDoctor. 

He started his internet journey during the pandemic lockdown in 2020 and within no time received a lot of love. His Instagram handle goes by the name @doctorly where he has more than 795k+ followers and most of his reels have more than 1 million views. 

Dr. Mumeeb Shah also runs a youtube channel with Dr. Maxfield where they talk about dermatology tips and information. He has about 1.4 million subscribers with 501 million views. He also reviews a lot of different skincare products and shares his foolproof opinion on the same. 

Dr. Muneeb Shah is married to an obstetrician-gynecologist. He hasn’t revealed the name of his wife but you can find a lot of videos of the couple having a fun life together. The couple are together since 2013. They also went to a Medical School together. This famous internet doctor will win your heart for his content and knowledge.

Here are some of the pictures of Dr. Muneeb Shah and his wife.

dr muneeb shah and wife


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dr muneeb shah and obgyn wife


muneeb shah and wife obgyn


dr muneeb shah and family


muneeb shah


doctorly muneeb shah


dr muneeb shah

Hope you had fun seeing these pictures of dr. Muneeb Shah and his ob-gyne wife.