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Top 11 Rare Pics of Mikhaila Peterson, Her Boyfriend, And Daughter

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Looking for the pictures of Milkhaila Peterson, her boyfriend, and her daughter? Here are some of the rare pictures of Mikhaila Peterson and her family that you’d love to see. Check them out below. 

Mikhaila Peterson, Her Boyfriend and Daughter

Mikhaila Peterson is the daughter of a famous clinical psychologist, Jordan Peterson. She is famous on YouTube as a health and diet freak. She also runs a podcast where she speaks about different topics covering leaders, influencers, health, diet, fitness, and everything in between. 

Mikhaila has 494K subscribers on her youtube with 25 million+ views. Mikhaila has also been an Oxford debater. She is a Canadian and was married to Andrey Korikov in July 2017. They have a very pretty daughter named Scarlett who was born in August 2017 and is now 4 and a half years old. 

Mikhaila Peterson’s Childhood

Mikhaila had an extremely tough childhood as she developed severe joint issues. She has suffered a series of chronic illnesses like depression, arthritis, rheumatoid, etc. which she overcame at the age of 26. She’s been a promoter or better living ever since then. 

Mikhaila and Her Ex-Husband Andrey Korikov

Mikhaila Peterson is currently with her new partner named Jordan Fuller who recently got engaged to her. She got divorced from Andrey in late 2021. Mikhaila revealed in her YouTube channel that Andrey and her have been separated on and off for 3 years now. Her pregnancy was also unplanned and she’s had struggles related to her health. 

They’ve been co-parenting their daughter, Scarlett, and have relocated to Nashville. 

Mikhail on her Instagram

Mikhaila Peterson is also extremely active on Instagram where she has about 470K followers. She makes reels and videos on her Instagram related to her podcasts. Mikhaila also posts about her partner and her daughter. Scarlett on her Instagram. 

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Check out some of the exclusive pictures of Mikhaila Peterson, her boyfriend, and her daughter below. 


mikhaila new boyfriend jordan fuller


mikhaila peterson husband


mikhaila peterson and andrey korikov break up


mikhaila daughter scarlett


mikhaila peterson and her family


mikhaila and jordan fuller



mikhaila peterson new boyfriend jordan
mikhaila peterson podcast


mikhila and jordan fuller

Hope you had fun looking at these pictures of Mikhaila, her boyfriend, and daughter.

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