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Top 7 Pics Of Brandon Myles White With His Girlfriend

Looking for rare pics of Brandon Myles White with his girlfriend? Well, check out the pictures below of Brandon White with Mikayla Gill!

Brandon Myles White With His Girlfriend

brandon and mikayla gill

Brandon Myles White is an entertaining and informative bodybuilder who makes fitness videos with his brother Hudson White. Brandon was inspired by his father when he saw him going to the gym every morning and later drinking a protein shake. He began training at the age of 12 along with his brother. 

Both, Brandon and Hudson White started weightlifting and became veterans in the field. Brandon appeared in many weightlifting magazines and also became a full-time personal trainer for fitness. 

brandon white bodybuilder

In 2012, both the brothers came together to start Buff Dudes where they made videos related to fitness and nutrition. By 2015, both the brothers, or rather Buff Dudes became top influencers in the fitness community. 

Along with their fitness coaching programs, they also started their own merchandise where they sell clothes. Buff Dudes’ YouTube channel has 2.5 million subscribers and 457 million views on his channel. 

Brandon Myles White With His Girlfriend

Brandon Myles White is dating his long-time girlfriend Mikayla Gill who is also into fitness.

Brandon White with Mikayla Gill
buff dudes youtube channel
brandon myles white weightlifting
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