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7 Rare Pics Of Steve-O With His Fiancée

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Looking for rare pics of Steve-O with his Fiancée? Well, check out the pictures below of Steve-O and Lux Wright!

Stephen Gilchrist Glover also known as Steve-O professionally was born on 13th June 1974 and is currently 47 years old. He is an extremely famous American entertainer, and TV personality and also performs stunts. 

steve o engagement pics

Steve-O became extremely famous because of his regular appearance in Jackass, a reality comedy TV show. He has a Canadian-American descendant and has spent a good part of his childhood in Venezuela. He then moved to Connecticut, the Miami. Steve-O finally moved back to England in his teenage years. 

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He attended various graduation colleges like the University of Miami, University of Mexico, etc. but was rusticated due to disobedience and poor grades. After graduation, he worked as a clown in Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop flea market circus.

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He got married to Brittany Mcgraw in 2006 but the marriage broke off in 2008. He also got suicidal in 2008 and also was a drug addict. Steve-O also went to rehab to seek help for his mental health and drug addiction. 

Steve-O runs a YouTube channel where he posts funny and informative vlogs. He has about 6.1 million subscribers and 397+ million views. 

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Steve-O With His Fiancée

Steve-O got engaged to Lux Wright in 2018. Lux is an American production designer and prop stylist. 

Steve-O and Lux Wright pics
Steve-O Fiancée pics
pics of Steve-O with his Fiancée
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