You are currently viewing 7 Rare Pics Of Stefaine Cohen With Her Ex-Boyfriend

7 Rare Pics Of Stefaine Cohen With Her Ex-Boyfriend

Looking for rare pics of Stefanie Cohen with her ex-Boyfriend? Well, check out the pictures below of Stefanie Cohen and Hyden Bowe!

Stefanie Cohen was born on the 18th of March 1993 and is currently 31 years old. She was raised in Caracas, Venezuela.

Stefaine Cohen with her ex-Boyfriend

 Stefanie Cohen is one of the world’s richest and most successful bodybuilders who holds the record of deadlifting 402 pounds which is almost 4 times her own weight. 

Stefanie Cohen was extremely sporty as a child. She played soccer, and lawn tennis and was an athlete during her teenage years. She went to study a graduate program in Physiology and Sports Medicine and also achieved a certificate as a Strength and Conditional Specialist. 

Stefanie cohen bodybuilder pics

In college, she continued playing soccer and also played in the NCAA division. Simultaneously, Stefanie also started bodybuilding and sculpting her body into proper shape. She has also authored a book called Back in Motion and is the founder of Hybrid Performance

Cohen’s Hybrid Performance provides accessible, effective, and affordable workout programs through an online medium. She has also been invited to various universities for guest lectures. 

stefi cohen pics with ex boyfriend

Stefanie Cohen also has a YouTube Channel with 213k subscribers and more than 17 million subscribers. She uploads videos of her workouts, adventures, lifestyle, etc. 

Stefaine Cohen With Her Ex-Boyfriend

Stefanie Cohen used to date Hyden Bowe who is also the co-founder of Hybrid Performance. They dated for about 4 years and have parted their ways very recently.

Hybrid Performance stefi cohen
Stefaine Cohen hybrid performance
Stefaine Cohen and Hyden Bowe
stefi cohen bodybuilder
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