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10 Rare Pics Of Stan Efferding With His Wife

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Looking for rare pics of Stan Efferding with his Wife? Well, check out the pictures below of Stan Efferding and Malia Efferding!

Stan Efferding also known as the “The White Rhino” was born on November 6, 1967, in ​​Portland, Oregon, United States, and is currently 54 years old. Efferding is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder and a powerlifter who has made many records in this field because of his massive strength. 

Stan Efferding with his Wife

He has made an all-time raw powerlifting record of a total 275-pound-class without knee wraps. Stan is also regarded as one of the strongest bodybuilders in the world because of his successful career. 

Efferding went to study psychology at the University of Oregon on a scholarship for soccer. He started competing in 1988 and won the title of Mr. Oregon in 1991 for bodybuilding and also achieved the Emerald Cup in 1996-1997. In the late 97, he continued lifting but stopped his bodybuilding career and entered the world of business. 

bodybuilder stan efferding

But at the age of 38, he started competing in bodybuilding again. He earned the IFBB pro card in 2009 in the superheavyweight class and has also won several RAW titles. In 2010, Stan Efferding won Mr. Olympia World’s Strongest Professional Bodybuilder where he deadlifted 800 lbs and benched 628 lbs. 

Stan Efferding is the founder of The Vertical Diet where he provides the right nutritional advice which is a low-fat sustainable diet regime. 

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Stan Efferding married Malia Efferding and they have three kids together. Malia Efferding is also into fitness and has recorded her journey on her Instagram @thickfitmom. She is also the owner of a clothing boutique Nomi Boutique.

The White Rhino stan efferding
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pics of stan efferding with his wife
pics of stan efferding with family
Stan Efferding and Malia Efferding!
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