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8 Rare Pics Of JP Sears With His Wife

Looking for rare pics of JP Sears with his Wife? Well, check out the pictures below of JP Sears and Amber Sears!

JP Sears was born on April 12, 1981, in Toledo, Ohio, and is currently 41 years old. He is better known as AwakenWithJP as that’s his nickname on the internet. He was raised in Bowling Green, Ohio, and has been entertaining his class ever since he went to school. 

jp sears wife amber sears pics

JP Sears is an American YouTuber and comedian. He is known for his satirical parodies of veganism, new age spirituality, and the organic food movement. His videos have been viewed millions of times, and he has written a book called “How to Be Ultra Spiritual.”

JP Sears is a man of many talents – and before his comedy career took off, he was already deeply involved in the world of health and wellness. A certified yoga teacher and emotional healing coach, he has always been interested in helping people feel their best physically and emotionally.

pics of JP Sears and Amber Sears

JP is a great example of someone who uses humor to expose the nonsense in popular culture. He’s also very open about the fact that he’s not always “ultra spiritual,” and that he sometimes struggles with the same issues as everyone else.

It was this passion for helping others that led him to start making videos on YouTube, where he quickly found an audience for his irreverent take on health and wellbeing. Since then, JP has become one of the most popular voices in the ‘alt-wellness’ space, using his humor to tackle such sensitive topics as veganism, Trump supporters, and new age spiritual beliefs.

JP Sears and Amber Sears

As of current, JP Sears has 2.46 million subscribers and 318 million views on his youtube channel. He claims to be a freedom convoy that stands for free speech and fun. 

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JP Sears With His Wife

JP Sears is married to Amber Sears and they have a very cute baby boy together. Amber is an entrepreneur and a lifestyle coach. 

JP Sears with his Wife
JP seaers wife pics
pics of JP Sears with his Wife
pics of jp sears and his family
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