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Top 10 Rare Pics Of Jeff Cavaliere With His Wife And Children

Looking for rare pics of Jeff Cavaliere with his wife and children? Well, check out the pictures below of Jeff Cavaliere and his family!

Jeff Cavaliere With His Wife And Children

Jeff Cavaliere was born on 28th June 1975 and is currently 46 years old. He is an American national who is currently settled in Connecticut, USA. Cavaliere is known as a celebrity trainer, coach, conditioning as well as physical therapist. 

physical therapist jeff cavaliere

Jeff went to the University of Connecticut where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in physio-neurobiology in 1997 and a master’s degree in physical therapy in the year 2000. 

Jeff Cavaliere’s Career

This certified trainer from “National Strength as well as Conditioning Association” (NSCA) caught the public eye when he trained the New York Mets, American Baseball Team players as a physical therapist, assistant strength coach, and personal trainer for David Wright, the most famous American baseball player. 

jeff cavaliere trainer

Many of the baseball team players appreciated Jeff for his training which helped players improve their strength and performance. With time, he also worked with Carlos Delgado, José Reyes, Tom Glavine, and a few other stars.

Soon, Jeff Cavaliere started his own entrepreneurial journey of “ATHLEAN-X Traning System” where he trains individuals to become professional sportsmen with strength. Stamina and conditioning. 

He became an extremely famous social media personality as well as a motivational speaker. Jeff Cavaliere also wrote a book called AthleanX’s Train Like an Athlete: Intelligent Training to Build the Ultimate Body.

ATHLEAN-X YouTube Channel

jeff cavaliere athlean x

Jeff Cavaliere runs a YouTube channel in the name of ATHLEAN-X where he has uploaded more than 1200 videos related to strength training, fitness, and how to attain an athletic body. He has about 12.5 million+ subscribers and more than 2 billion views. 

Jeff’s Wife and Children

jeff cavaliere and his wife

Jeff is married since 2008 but information about his private life is not revealed. His wife and Jeff have two cute twin sons named Jason and Xavier. Unfortunately, the kids were premature by 13 weeks but they’re all healthy and fine right now. 

Let’s check out more pics of Jeff Cavaliere with his wife and son below:

jeff cavaliere's family
jeff cavaliere's wife
athlean x youtube channel
jeff athlean x
jeff athlean x family
jeff cavaliere wife and sons
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