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9 Pics Of Hudson White (Buff Dudes) With His Wife

Looking for rare pics of Hudson White (Buff Dudes) with his Wife? Well, check out the pictures below of Hudson White with Aga White!

Hudson White is one of the Buff Dudes brothers who make entertaining and informative fitness videos. Hudson was inspired to join weightlifting by his father who hit the gym daily and drank a protein shake later. 

Hudson White with Aga White

Both, Hudson and Brandson started training at a very early age and soon started their own YouTube channel where they not only uploaded fitness videos but also about healthy and nutritious food and information about getting leaner and stronger. 

Initially, Hudson was in charge of video editing and marketing of their YouTube channel but later, started appearing in videos with Brandon. According to the brother, B.U.F.F means Better Understanding about Fitness and Food. 

hudson white and brandon myles white

Their Buff Dudes YouTube channel has about 2.5 million subscribers and more than 457 million views. They have uploaded more than 600 videos on their channel of food recipes, gym workouts, knowledge about fitness and food, etc. 

Hudson White and Brandon Myles White have also started selling out their merchandise of selling clothing, cookbooks, and other apparel. 

hudson white with family buff dudes

Hudson White (Buff Dudes) with his Wife

Hudson White is married to Aga White who he met online. Aga was born and bred in Poland. They got married on May 17, 2017. Aga and Hudson have 2 cute babies together, a son and a daughter named Tommy and Ana respectively.

buff dudes hudson white youtube channel
hudson white buff dudes kids
buffgirl and buff dudes
hudson white with famiy
buff dudes brothers weightlifters
hudon white buff dudes
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