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8 Pics Of Antonio Radic aka Agadmator With His Fianceé

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Looking for rare pics of Antonio Radic aka Agadmator with his Fiancee? Well, check out the pictures below of Agadmator and his wife!

Agadmator is a Croatian chess YouTuber who was born on 16th June 1987 and is currently 34 years old. His original name is Antonio Radic but since his YouTube channel was Agadmator, he is popularly known by the nickname.

Agadmator was the most popular Youtuber with the most subscribers since 2018 which recently changed when GothamChess (Levy Rozman) took over the title. 

Antonio Radic

Antonio Radic was born and brought up in  Križevci, Croatia, and was influenced by his grandfather Anto Krnjic. Antonio’s grandfather was a FIDE Master who trained him pretty well at the age of 4. However, Antonio left playing after that and only got back to the game after he turned 17. 

Agadmator’s FIDE rating currently is 1950 and it was first achieved in 2010 July. He didn’t really participate in a lot of international competitions but was popular through making chess video lessons. He was also extremely active in online chess associations like and Lichess. 

On Agadmator’s chess YouTube channel, he has about 1.22 million subscribers and 573+ million views. He usually uploads videos of chess tactics, games, and commentary, all the things that interest him. He started posting videos early in 2016 where YouTube was his side hustle and he was pursuing a full-time graphic designing job. 

Agadmator with his Fianceé

Agadmator with his Fianceé

Antonio Radic became a full-time YouTuber as Agadmator after his subscribers hit 20,000. He posts new videos every single day reviewing or commenting on different chess tournaments. He has uploaded more than 2000 videos up to date. 

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Antonio Radic is engaged to Jelena Matric who is also a chess player. They have an extremely cute baby girl named Eta who will turn 1 very soon.

agadmator and jelena matric chess
Antonio Radic aka Agadmator
agadmator and jelena engaged
Antonio Radic is engaged to Jelena Matric
agadmoator crotian chess player
agadmator chess player