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8 Pics Of Fouad Abid With His Wife

Looking for rare pics of Fouad Abid with his wife? Well, check out the pictures below of Fouad Abid and his wife Sommer Robertson-Abid!

Fouad Abid With His Wife

Fouad Abid is a retired IFBB bodybuilder who was born on October 15, 1978. Abid is currently 43 years old and is the owner of Hosstile where he sells nutritional supplements. He has 20 years of experience in bodybuilding and sports where 13 of them were dedicated to the IFBB professional league. 

fouad abid ifbb pro bodybuilder

Fouad is a Canadian but he has Lebanese roots. He was influenced by his father for starting bodybuilding and began training at the age of 21. Abid’s first IFBB appearance was in 2006 and in the same year, he also won the Canadian National Championship. 

Fouad Abid participated in Arnold’s Classic in 2017 which was his last competition as a professional bodybuilder. However, he has maintained his physique and currently, he has shifted his focus to Hosstile, his business. 

foud abid

Fouad Abid is married to Sommer Robertson-Abid since 2012. Sommer is a business partner of Foaud and helps with Hosstile. They co-parent a dog together named Cade which is a labrador.

Fouad Abid hosstile
Fouad Abid bodybuilder
Fouad Abid with his wife?
Fouad Abid and his wife Sommer Robertson-Abdid
fouad abid married to sommer robertson
sommer robertson abid
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