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9 Top Pics Of Eugene Teo With His Girlfriend

Looking for rare pics of Eugene Teo with his girlfriend. Well, check out the pictures below of Eugene Teo and Katrina Johnson!

Eugene Teo is a Japanese-Australian bodybuilding coach, fitness YouTuber, and strength coach. He has been involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years, and he currently runs a gym in Sydney, Australia.

Pics of Eugene Teo with his girlfriend katrina

Teo is well-known for his expertise in bodybuilding and powerlifting, and he has coached many high-level athletes over the years. 

He is also a popular YouTube commentator, with over 466k subscribers and more than 28 million views on his channel. In his videos, Teo provides detailed tips on training, nutrition, and supplementation.

Eugene Teo with girlfriend pics

Eugene posts regularly on Instagram related to body training and fitness. He has about 392k followers in his account. 

Eugene Teo launched Ganbaru Methods app where he aims to provide coaching, training, and knowledge to improve one’s health, nutrition, and life. It has both private and group mentoring sessions. Teo also sells clothing and training gear at Ganbaru Culture. 

pics of Eugene Teo girlfriend katrina johnson

Eugene Teo with his Girlfriend

Eugene Teo is currently dating Katrina Johnson. Katrina is a nutritionist and fitness freak. She is often seen working out with Eugene.

pics of Eugene Teo fitness his girlfriend
Eugene Teo with his girlfriend pics
pics of eugene teo and katrina johnson
pics of eugene teo girfriend
Eugene Teo's girlfriend pics
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