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BTS Band Breakup: BTS Dissolution Crisis Explained!

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Looking for the answers to why BTS dissolution was happening? Well, check out here to find the Bangtan Boys splitting crisis and the truth about it below.

BTS (Bangtan Boys) is a popular boyband loved by many people all over the world. Although they were very successful, the boys had a hard time and decided to dissolve the band. Here, I tried to summarize the time, causes, and truth of the BTS dissolution crisis.

BTS Dissolution Crisis

When did BTS Think about the Dissolution?

The Bangtan boys have become an idol in the world by continuously putting out hit songs ever since their debut.

In 2018, when BTS finally announced “LOVE YOURSELF Yui”, they also rolled out a series known as LOVE YOURSELF. Subsequently, they released their second installment called “LOVE YOURSELF Tear” featuring the track titled “FAKE LOVE”. It hit over 200 million YouTube views within 44 days of its release.

Around the same time that BTS was steadily climbing the stairs to the spotlight, they began to think of band dissolution.

BTS didn’t just achieve success in Korea. They topped the US “Billboard 200” album chart as the first Korean artists and didn’t stop there. Now, they were a sensation to the world and their popularity attained great heights.

Then, the final album “LOVE YOURSELF Yui’s Answer” was released. It became a culmination of the two-and-a-half-year masterpiece series “LOVE YOURSELF”. In this series, all tracks revolved around a major theme- love.

The title song “IDOL” broke a new YouTube record with views in excess of 43 million. They also topped “US Billboard 200” for the second time and received the first feat in the history of Asian artists.

In 2018, the dreams of seven people belonging to Big Hit Entertainment (currently Hybe), flourished. Their story of success had just begun.

The oldest Member Jin Reveals that BTS was in Danger of Breaking Up and Talked About it

Fans learned of a shocking fact at the MAMA awards, in Hong Kong at the end of 2019. The BTS members won big awards, including “Album of the Year” and “Artist of the Year” and went on stage to receive their trophies.

Each BTS member delivered moving speeches, and the cheering of the venue was at its peak. J-HOPE, who was always bright on the stage, spoke with a serious expression as he held back his tears. 

“I was really worried before coming up on the stage. I always wanted everyone to see the best, and the perfect figure without failure. I really think I’d be crying with or without this award, I was facing a lot of trouble, even then I received a lot of love from everyone, so I definitely wanted to give it back.”

J-Hope talked about how anxious he felt whenever it was time for him to go up on stage and perform for all of his fans.

After that, the oldest group member – Jin came to deliver his speech where he mentioned about the BTS band dissolution. This left everyone with a great shock.

bangtan boys dissolution bts
Source: Instagram

“Earlier this year, we faced challenges mentally. While we were talking, I was worried about whether to disband or not, but I am glad that I was able to tighten my mind for good. I would like to say that I am very grateful to the members who worked hard once again. I’d also thank the members and the BTS Army for all the love.”

Army (BTS fans) from all over the world, including the fans at the venue, were astonished at how Jin talked about the “anguish of thinking about dissolution” with his eyes closed. On his left was Taehyung who was crying quietly.

Causes of BTS Dissolution Crisis

Pressure due to Success Beyond Imagination

The Bangtan boys (BTS) were said to not sell at the time of its debut. However, they overcame many difficulties, made efforts, endured bashing, and continually endured criticism. Finally, they won the first grand prize in Korea in 2016.

In 2017, the Bangtan Boys completed a 10-month large-scale world tour. In May, BTS participated in the US Billboard Awards Ceremony for the first time and earned the Top Social Artist Award. In November, they performed at the American Music Awards (AMA) and rushed to become world-famous artists.

It seemed true that BTS was in danger of breaking up in early 2018. They seemed to be smooth sailing but there were a few reasons that could lead to the dissolution.

Their attitude towards work can be seen from the above-mentioned speech by J-Hope that elaborates upon their strictness and rigor that aren’t ordinary. It’s probably something that all members have in common, so it’s no exaggeration to say that the current BTS exists together for a lot of reasons.

bangtan boys breakup
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However, Yungi (Suga) says that after appearing in AMA, he did something that he had never imagined. He cried while taking a shower because he was scared.

“I didn’t cry when I made it, I was scared. More than I thought or imagined, I wondered what to do in the future, I just liked music and the stage. The next album gave me immense love, and I knew I had to do better for others.”

Leader Nam Jun (RM) has also said that he has accomplished something so big that he has a feeling of emptiness. For those who have always pursued perfection for themselves, it would not have been easy to stand on the world stage. Leader Nam Jun talks about how special this opportunity is to him and how there is pressure as well, in order to succeed in the future.

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“I have to do my best to show it! It’s the team that came up in this way. If I perform, my heart is about to tear and I’m about to fall down. If I live like this, my life will be shortened … I’ve been working in this way thinking that I’m really dying.”

BTS has been working on it with the determination of life. As trainees in a small entertainment agency, the path they chose to become a major player was very steep.

The anxiety that those tough days would continue to rise to a higher level. The pressure to play an active part in the world would have been immeasurable on the BTS members that one can only imagine.

Differences in Direction and Confusion

In the variety show broadcast in South Korea, Yungi’s words in the interview were very interesting because they could be taken as the true intention of BTS.

“You should be able to see the floor to some extent. Even with an airplane, if you can see the ground, you feel like you’re flying. But, if you’re in the clouds, you don’t feel like you’re flying. I’m very honored, but on the other hand, I sometimes wonder if this is all right or if this is what we really wanted to do.”

In the show, leader RM also talked about the confusion about the break beyond expectations.

“Even though everyone is riding on a huge advertising balloon together, it seems that the air does not escape and it keeps rising all the time. I’m scared in situations where I’m likely to go to the stratosphere, the thermosphere, and even the universe. When I got on the ad balloon, I never thought I would go to space. I thought I would make a soft landing after floating a little in the atmosphere.”

Here’s a video showing DNA at AMA in 2017:

BTS was way more successful than anyone’s imagination, and at the same time, they were heavily pressured, burdened, and scared. The 2017 tour gave an opportunity for all the seven BTS members to think about the future.

Contract Period with Office

After many discussions, BTS decided to do whatever was best for the time being. They had a contract period of more than one year, but it was re-contracted. Without this re-contract, BTS would have been dissolved on June 13, 2020, when their first seven-year contract expired.

There is something called “7th-year jinx ” in the K-POP world and many Korean entertainment agencies have a contract period of 7 years. In South Korea, there is a “popular culture artist (singer-centered) standard exclusive contract” which is up to 7 years. The contract is reviewed every 7 years and renewed if required.

It is said that this slave contract has helped to reduce the troubles imposed on entertainers. But on the contrary, the 7th year was the turning point of the group, and the BTS members decided to withdraw one after another at the timing of this contract renewal.

At this time, the office acknowledges that the contract has been extended until 2026 which turned everything back in place for BTS and their fans.

The Truth of BTS Dissolution Crisis

It seems that their anguish is reflected in the music. Depending on the interpretation, the lyrics of “Airplane pt.2” released in 2018 seem to sing the feelings in addition to the word “cloud”.

“(We still) Sky high, sky fly, sky dope
(We still) Same try, same scar, same work
(We still) Wherever in the world we go
(We still) We work in our hotel rooms
(I still) One day it works out too well
Then the next day I’m completely screwed
(I still) Who should I live as today?
Kim Namjoon or RM?”

“My passport is about to die from overworking
You’re the ones who benefitted from media, hahahaha
Hey, hey you’re the ones who’re better at playing celebrities
We’re still the same as back then”

After all, the dissolution news of BTS seems to have been avoided so far.

However, Yungi said in an interview earlier that “ I’m afraid of a crash, but I’m not afraid of landing, “. He calmly talks about the end that is unlikely to be the remark of a popular idol.

bangtan boys crisis splitting
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BTS is a group with a high production ability, and they definitely know how to make a success story even during the danger of dissolution. There’s no doubt that they are extremely hardworking and talented individuals.


BTS reminds us of various stories from their debut until now. By overcoming some difficult times together and showing what they are made of, fans have come to love and appreciate each member. They’ve stood up for themselves during difficult times no matter how bad it got.