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7 Pics Of Anna Rudolf With Her Boyfriend CallmeKevin

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Looking for rare pics of Anna Rudolf with her boyfriend Callmekevin? Well, check out the pictures below of Anna Rudolf and her boyfriend!

Anna Rudolf with her Boyfriend Callmekevin

Anna Rudolf was born on November 12, 1987, and is currently 34 years old.  She is a Hungarian chess player and the third female player to become a Grandmaster. Rudolf is one of the top ten women in the world of chess. She is the second-youngest winner of the Women’s World Championship at age 17 and one of the youngest female players to ever qualify for the title of International Master.

anna rudolf chess player

Anna Rudolf’s Early Life

Anna Rudolf began playing chess at the age of four with her sister Kata. Both of them were great players at a tender age. Rudolf even participated in the Under 12 girl’s division in 1999 where she qualified in the top 10. 

chess 24 anna boyfriend kevin

She championed thrice in Girl’s National Champion for under 12, under 16 as well as under 20 junior level, once each. By the age of 19, she was a successful chess Grandmaster chess player already. However, Anna Rudolf was trying very hard for the International Grandmaster title which she qualified for after 7 years of hard work. 

Anna Rudolf and her Game of Chess

Anna Rudolf’s primary playing style is King’s Pawn Game and the Tarrasch Morozevich variation. She started giving online video lessons called Chess24 in 2013 and teamed up with Sopiko Guramishvili where they ran video series of Miss Strategy and Miss Tactics. 

anna rudolf with her boyfriend

Anna is an active Twitch live streamer and chess commentator as well. She runs a YouTube channel where she has about 191K subscribers and more than 12 million views where she creates chess and lifestyle content. 

Anna and her Boyfriend Kevin 

anna chess

Anna Rudolf is in a relationship with Kevin, an Irish YouTuber. He is one of the gaming YouTubers with almost 2.5 million followers. They’ve moved to Spain together. 

chess player grandmaster anna
callmekevin and anna rudolf
anna rudolf and callmekevin
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